Stamped–deep drawn parts

  • Rolled stamped components for the areas: automotive, industry, high-frequency (HF and RF), and solar
  • Caps for infusion bottles, which are commonly used in the medical industry.


These connectors are primarily used in the automotive industry and in special vehicles. We produce connectors in sizes ranging from 0.5 – 9.5mm.

Solder-free connectors

(Compliant Pin)
This technology allows connections between PC board’s and contact elements. A very wide variety of press-fit zones are used in challenging automotive applications, using a material thickness between .64 - .8 mm.

Contact riveting

Wire or bimetal rivets are used in safety relays, automotives, and in industrial plants.

Welding in process

We integrate the following welding technologies directly into the stamping process:

  • Resistance welding of round or profiled wire for switch contacts in industry applications
  • Laser welding on connectors, primarily for applications in the automotive industry

Assembly process

The assembly of two or more parts and laser marking of products belong to our standard processes.


Perfection is discussed often. It starts to get interesting though, when it is measurable. Along with quality planning and the continuing certification of our processes, we focus ourselves doubly on the use of ultramodern production units and high-precision measurement technologies. This is how we ensure that maximal quality is the common denominator for all of our services.


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