In operational execution, we distinguish whether the product will be carried out reeled in series or as single part production.

A few examples:
  • Cleaning and degreasing of stamped and drawn parts in series
  • Cleaning of stamped and drawn parts as bulk material
  • Contract job cleaning of stamped parts made of steel and stainless steel
  • Running of decay testing
  • Particle anaylses (metallic and non-metallic)
  • Rating of the particle classes using VDA - Band 19

Water-based cleaning

  • Duerr Ecoclean 81-W
  • Amsonic AquaLine
  • Microclean SL E 80

Solvent-based cleaning

  • Amsonic 4100


Brushing was developed by KRAMSKI to eliminate burrs and flakes on stamped parts. For even the most difficult stamped parts, like those made in the injector area, we are able to meet even the highest particle requirements. The automobile industry does not allow any compromises, in terms of production safety (“Particle classes following VDA Band 19”).

A few examples:
  • Brushing of stainless steel bands in production
  • Cleaning of stainless steel bands in production
  • Drying of stainless steel bands in production

Tape & Reel

In the tape and reel process, stamped parts are detached from the stamping reels, inserted into drawn, plastic blisters, and sealed with a plastic film. This technically ensures that the stamped parts will be found in the correct position for further processing.

Vibratory finishing/tumbling

We turn on the vibratory finisher, in order to improve the surface of stamped parts and eliminate burrs and flakes. This, in turn, helps us fulfill the cleanliness requirements on very demanding stamped parts. (“Particle Classes following VDA Band 19”)

A few examples:
  • Vibratory finishing with corundum
  • Vibratory finishing with ceramic
  • Vibratory finishing with plastic bodies

Corundum blasting

Corundum blasting is used in the KRAMSKI Group to eliminate burrs and flakes from stamped parts and to improve surfaces. For even the most challenging stamped parts, we are able to meet the highest particle requirements. Besides this, the surfaces of the products can also be improved and the fatigue loads can be raised through glass bead blasting.

A Few Examples:
  • Corundum blasting
  • Glass bead blasting

Thermal aging

The goal of thermal aging is to simulate the lifetime of a product using quickly changing environmental temperatures. To this purpose, plastic parts are exposed to cycles of pre-determined changing temperatures. The temperature parameters are between -70°C and +180°C.

A Few Examples:
  • Aging of hybrid parts before measurement
  • Aging of hybrid parts to simulate the product lifetime


Perfection is discussed often. It starts to get interesting though, when it is measurable. Along with quality planning and the continuing certification of our processes, we focus ourselves doubly on the use of ultramodern production units and high-precision measurement technologies. This is how we ensure that maximal quality is the common denominator for all of our services.


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