Reel to Reel

The feeding in and overmolding of inlay parts from reels has the highest productivity of all automated production types for hybrid components. The operational implementation differs in the details of the additional processes that are to be integrated in the production line such as:

  • Resistance welding for integrating electronic components
  • Servo pressing with tools for bending
  • Camera Monitoring Systems for 100 % Controlling
  • Laser marking with data matrix codes

Fully automated insert assembly

The market demands flexible production solutions for individual projects. This contradiction represents a significant challenge to success, especially for fully automated production lines.

Safety-relevant sensor housing for the medical technology field and for the automotive industry does not allow for any compromises in process safety. Excellent production systems from the plastics branch that feature integrated quality checks fulfill even the greatest demands of our customers.

Manual production / semi-automatic

Because of the global positioning of the KRAMSKI Group, our customers can be served locally in their markets. It allows us to hold productions costs down through manual and semi-automatic production concepts.

In series and high-speed production, the expected production quantities primarily determine the production concept. For KRAMSKI, it goes without saying that we guarantee process safety with this form of production as well.


Our customers benefit, when we integrate downstream processes into our production.

Through innovative production design and synergies in the production process, we are in a position to produce customer-oriented components and system assemblies from simple parts. The possibilities that result from this are nearly unlimited:

  • Assembly of printed circuit boards (PCBs) with solderless compliant pin geometry
  • Assembly of seals and casing applications
  • Assembly of electronic components


Perfection is discussed often. It starts to get interesting though, when it is measurable. Along with quality planning and the continuing certification of our processes, we focus ourselves doubly on the use of ultramodern production units and high-precision measurement technologies. This is how we ensure that maximal quality is the common denominator for all of our services.


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