Quality Planning

Based on customer requirements, the quality planning for prototypes, preliminary series, and full series, including the preparation of FMEAs and inspection plans, is planned in the CAQ system. Samplings are conducted in accordance with PPAP, PPF, or the customer’s desired method – all methods per electronic data interchange on request. Wherever possible, every step in the production line is monitored - mostly with a camera system.

Measurement Technology

Initial samplings, as well as series measurements of stamped parts, composite parts, process analyses, and machine capability analyses, are carried out with very modern optical and tactile 3D-measurement systems in a climate-controlled measurement laboratory.

Highlights of Measurement Technology


  • Analysis of the technical cleanliness of stamped parts and injection molds following VDA 19 and ISO 16232
  • Glaeser test bench for the generation of analysis filters using various extraction processes, such as dipping, spraying, or ultrasound
  • Jomesa evaluation microscope, including particle differentiation between metal and non-metal particles and fibers


X-ray fluorescence analysis systems for layer-thickness measurement and material analysis of goods received and of samplings (e.g. Au, Ag, Ni, Sn)

Other Measurement Processes

  • Contour and roughness measurement
  • 100 % camera monitoring systems from various manufacturers
  • High-speed camera for analyzing movement, assembly, or equipping processes
  • Climate Chamber for thermal aging/temperature storage from -70 to +180º C
  • 100 % visual inspection with a stereomicroscope
  • Leakage tests
  • Outside partner for REM, CT, material analysis


The following certifications apply to all of our KRAMSKI Group locations:

  • ISO 9001, Int’l. Quality Management (Q.M.) Standard
  • ISO 14001, Int’l. Environmental Management Standard
  • IATF 16949, Q.M. Automobile Standard (U.S.A.)
  • ISO 13485, Q.M. Medicine (U.S.A.)
  • Occupational Health and Safety System (Germany)

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