Two Generations

To build something up with body and soul and watch it grow – surely the true allure of every business transaction lies therein. The knowledge that the company will stay in good hands in the future is especially satisfying. Wiestaw Kramski and his wife, Renate, think of themselves as lucky that the following generation assumed responsibility for the company early on. Andreas Kramski started with the company already in the 90’s and played an important role in the internationalization of the KRAMSKI Group, as well as in the development of the company from precision toolmaker to a leading producer of precision stampings, injection molds, and system parts. Sabine Torres-Kramski always had contact to the company while pursuing her very successful career in ballroom dance (international champion and afterwards as a trainer), and since 2012, she is once again working full-time at the KRAMSKI Group.


Founder of KRAMSKI GmbH Member of the Advisory Board, and Shareholder, CEO of KRAMSKI Stiftung gGmbH

This passionate inventor was born in Landstuhl (Pfalz) in 1947. After graduating from school, he apprenticed as a toolmaker. At 22 years old, he became one of the youngest masters in the tool making industry in Rheinland-Pfalz, and took his first job as a master in Westerwald. He gained further job experience as director of engineering for stamping dies and other special machines, and in the field as a sales engineer for grinding and erosion machines. In 1978, he decided together with his wife, Renate Kramski, to become self-employed and the history of the KRAMSKI Company took its course. Whatever free time he had left over, Wiestaw Kramski gladly spent it reading, making music, or playing sports.


CEO and Shareholder of the KRAMSKI Group

Andreas Kramski completed his apprenticeship as a toolmaker after graduating from school. After serving in the German Army and successfully completing his technical university entrance qualifications, he studied business administration and engineering in Karlsruhe. In 1995, he received the title of master toolmaker. From 1995 until 2000, Andreas Kramski lived with his family in Sri Lanka, while serving as CEO of the first subsidiary KRAMSKI Lanka. With the opening of the American subsidiary in 2002, he became CEO of KRAMSKI North America. Since 2003, Andreas Kramski is CEO of KRAMSKI GmbH in Germany. Andreas was a successful soccer player in his youth and now his passion for sports is focused on golf.


Vice President and Shareholder of the KRAMSKI Group, CEO of KRAMSKI Stiftung gGmbH

Enthusiastic about sports and culture, as she was at a young age, Sabine Torres Kramski went through a successful career in competitive sport of Latin American and Standard dances. She became German champion five times across tournament classes. Several medals at European championships and Grand Slam tournaments followed. She took first place in the world rankings in 1999. Allong with her sports career, including graduation as a dance trainer and dance school teacher, Sabine Torres Kramski completed a commercial training. During her stay in England, she studied business studies as well as English literature and language at college. When she returned to the company, she built up international marketing.

Other Kramski companies

Kramski Putter

A story that could not be more typical for us: Wiestaw Kramski is a passionate golfer, who was often disappointed with his newly purchased putters. So, he decided to build a putter for himself. In fact, the best and most precise golf putter in the world!

That was in 2000. Meanwhile, the private fun that began as KRAMSKI PUTTER has become an international premium brand that has established itself in the tour world with its multiple award-winning putter. Besides that, the KRAMSKI Putting Academy was founded, where tour players and amateurs can systematically analyze and improve their putting. More under: →


This telecommunications company, which was founded in 2002, is a leader in Wireless ISP technology.
Their services include broadband and leased line solutions for every business size, comprehensive broadband solutions with fiber-optic speed for private households and cell phones, and widespread Internet coverage per Wi-Fi for cities and communities. SKYTRON provides in total 200 communities in Baden-Wurttemberg, Bavaria, and Rheinland-Pfalz with wireless network technology, telephone, and fast Internet access of up to 150 Mbit/second.

SKYTRON is also the technical operator of the free Wi-Fi access in the city center of Pforzheim that is available to all citizens, tourists, and other visitors of the city. The Kramski family holds an 97.32 % stake in SKYTRON Communications GmbH & Co. KG. More information at:


Heilbronner Straße 10
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Phone: +49 7231 15410-0
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KRAMSKI Stamping and Molding India Pvt. Ltd.

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